LIEBE LOVE AMOUR!

Liebe Love Amour is a live film love affair with an audience. 

HERE Arts Center, New Ohio Theater, Prelude Festival (NYC), Shaeffer Theater (NC), Center for the Arts, Wesleyan University (CT), Cafe Istanbul (Nola)

I Land

I Land is an ever-evolving event created from the lives and imaginations of the audience each time it is performed.
NC Stage (NC), Ice Factory Festival (NYC), Incubator Arts (NYC)


Wanderlust is an interactive narrative dance party. 

Ohio Theater NYC, Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Total Theatre award nominee, Experimentation and Innovation), UK tour: Latitude Festival, Jacksons' Lane Theater, Arcola Theater, Madame JoJo's

The Turing Opera is an opera about Alan Turing, as imagined through the mind of a computer. 
Olympia Theater, National Opera of Greece

The Return is a bi-lingual live rock documentary loosely based on Euripedes' The Bacchae. 

Roes Theater, Athens, Greece


TheBest is episodic multimedia rock theater inspired by the Sophocles' cycle of Theban plays.  
New York, Brisbane, Berlin

Troop Troupe

Troop Troupe is a distopic USO show
 LaMama's ETC, Mabou Mines' Artist Residency

                                  Glass Guignol

Glass Guignol, directed by Lee Breuer, is an exploration of the psyche of late Tennessee Williams.
Tennessee Williams Festival, Providence RI, Sundance Theater Lab, MassMoCA

                            Mabou Mines' Dollhouse
U.S. tour, St. Ann's Warehouse, Kennedy Center.
International Tour: Edinburgh, Madrid, Rome, Greece, Poland, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Australia, Bogota, Moscow

La Divina Caricatura  (Lee Breuer) P.S.122

Sex in a Coma, (Lee Breuer) HERE Arts Center

Porco Morto (Lee Breuer) New York Theater Workshop

A Wonderland, (Anonymous Ensemble) Ohio Theater

We The Emperor, (Anonymous Ensemble) Montgomery Gardens

Expense of Spirit, (International WOW Company) Ohio Theater

Red Beads, (Lee Breuer, Basil Twist) MassMoca, Skirball Center

The Distance Between the Apple and the Tree, Ceder Heart Pictures
Mad Anne Bailey, Ceder Heart Pictures

Picture (Anna Rose Video)
Morning After Midnight (Adam Green video)